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Cold winter nights might not sound too appealing, but they represent a real opportunity for the budding photographer. If you live in a city then there are a wealth of structures and locations that look much better lit up after dark, something our first feature on page 14 reveals to great effect. Next up, we’ve got six pages on how to get the best from long exposures, which is a technique well worth spending some time on. See what sort of results you can get starting on page 22.

Meanwhile, another great location for shooting in the winter is the Highlands of Scotland, so our next feature on page 28 offers up some handy tips and tricks if you’re heading up that way anytime soon. If you’d prefer to get some warm sun on your next location foray then Spain is cheap and easy to get to and offers endless scope. In fact, we’ve found a beautiful hotel there called LeDomaine, which makes a fabulous base for a photographic trip. Get the lowdown over on page 36.

No matter where you’re heading, our feature on winter photography techniques makes for a great primer on how to get top shots when you arrive. You’ll find a whole host of essential advice starting on page 46.

There’s also a report back on how we got on for our location shoot in Turkey and you’ll find that, plus the pictures, on page 100. Enjoy!

Rob Clymo, Editor

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